Lovely Review by The Quietus…

Click here to read the lovely review In The Quietus from the “Trifle” launch with LONE Taxidermist.

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My favourite bit is …

“10 minutes into the performance a woman in front of me tells her friend she has to leave. When her friend asks if she is okay, the woman nods her head yes, and then shakes it no before making a quick exit. This about sums it up. It’s amazing and it’s not okay”

 to Melissa Steiner for the kind words and to LONE Taxidermist for having me, LU LA LOOP for the costume and Laura Kate Bemrose for the photography x




Much  to impaTV for this amazing video which was edited live through some crazy vortex! Woodland Gathering was incredible to perform at, can’t wait for next year! 

🌳💚🌲🌳 🌳💚🌲🌳🌳💚🌲🌳🌳💚🌲🌳🌳💚🌲🌳

(Trees are good, lots of trees!)





What an incredible experience! So many highlights and inspiring performers including LONE Taxidermist – what a force of sticky love love ! I have never dribbled so much in my life!  to Lindt Morris ++ Natalie Sharp ++ Francisca Marques

Aja Ireland ++ Lone Taxidermist

Cold Nose – I didn’t want your set to end! Beards, I can’t wait to see you play again, so refreshing! UKAEA — how the hell I played after you I do not know, I was late for my sound check because I was dancing so much!

Barry ToxtethMatt CargillBruxa Maria that scream!! Matana Roberts took me into another world, a beautiful story teller, unique and truly mesmerising – such a talented artist! Jimmy Martin is such a lovely host, calm and supportive.

I had the best neighbours too – Tara Pattenden (so much !! ) Robin FosterChase ZoleyNedwin AarzemniekiHenry CollinsVoix De AnnaBert Bamber-GascoigneiAjax Stefani they kept me entertained with coffee snorting, wood pigeon imitations and lots and lots of laughs!

Massive thanks to Pier Corona for these incredible photos!!

I’ve probably missed out loads of people but I bloody love you all 


// Field Recordings & Ableton Experimentation Workshop //

⚡ The field recording workshop was a huge success, thank you to everyone who shared the call out – we had a fantastic turn out of talented students! 

This was my first workshop working with young people – and I was pretty nervous! (So much so, I managed to get on the wrong to train to Liverpool!) But with the support of Liz I guided the students through sound meditations, inspiring videos and recording sounds around the room before manipulating and transforming them with Ableton plug ins.

💙  I’m so proud of all the girls who took part, some had no experience of music software but they were open minded and hardworking. They thought outside the box, recording with water, coins, zips and in the end every student produced a piece of sound art on Ableton. 💙

A huge thank you to all my students, Liz DobsonUniversity Of HuddersfieldYorkshire Sound Women NetworkArts Council England and MuGI (Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity) for making this happen!

I hope to do more workshops like this in different areas so if anyone is interested in booking, please contact:

💙💚💛🧡 💙💚💛🧡 💙💚💛🧡 💙💚💛🧡

CALL OUT // Girls ages 11-16 // Field Recordings Workshop

This Saturday between 10.30 – 3pm, I will be teaching a workshop as part of ‘Hear Me’ – a summer series of sound production workshops for girls aged from 11 to 16 years hosted by University Of Huddersfield and supported by: Yorkshire Sound Women NetworkArts Council England and MuGI (Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity)

I will be teaching how to make field recordings, and create a wide range of different sounds and textures by only using simple, built in Ableton Plugins. You will learn to build ambient/drone/noise textures, experiment and discover new sounds.

There are still places available, if you’re interested, please emil to secure a place!

Find out More information here:

Please share this opportunity – looking forward to seeing you