BBC Radio 4 New Weird Britain

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SOOOO excited, proud and pretty much over whelmed to be part of New Weird Britain, an incredible series with incredible people for BBC Radio 4 with UKAEA Natalie sharp Guttersnipe and Gazelle Twin

 Catch me talking about mental health and using music and performance to empower and take back ownership of the body 

Huge thanks to Alannah Chance and John Doran for drinking herbal tea with me and inviting me to be a part of this!

Here is the link for the programme.


Queer Noise Club

💖 Thank you so much again for everyone who made Queer Noise Club 1 happen – I’ve started making plans and there will be a QNC 2 coming up in the summer wooohoooo for those who missed it, here are some snaps shots of the night thanks to Sophie Broadgateand Tom Platinum Morley 💖

Cave AV Spatial Sound Installation

Thanks so much to Annie Tadne for working with me and building her incredible EL wire installation around the space as part of the cave installation! It was a huge success with over 600 people coming to visit! A special thanks to everyone who worked on multiple projects with me over the years which made up all the footage we projected around the cave walls. Visuals from my residency with the amazingly talented IMPATV to all the people who worked on the Vr experience with me Ryan Heath, Joey Holder, Jake Moore and Paul Grossman and to Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff for her insane gloopy colourful video work which I could just live inside 


💖💖 The installation was made up of 3 original spatial sound scores I made from samples recorded around different caves and produced in Ableton and sculptures I made from my sister in crime and the most talented costume designer I’ve ever met LULALOOP. We scanned the costumes using photogrammetry to make a 3D alien environment inside the VR experience and then used this footage to make visuals to project around the space. Watch this space to see more of the VR experience soon!! 💖💖


WOW – BangFace 💖 Chin Stroke Records you absolutely blew my frigging mind – what a bloody lovely bunch of coconuts! I’m so full of inspiration from the things I saw at this festival – Rebekah, one of the most moving and meditative, heavy techno sets I’ve seen for a long time thank you for being so relentless   The crowd were unreal, so full of life! LU LA LOOP so much love to you for making the BEST COSTUME YET!! Somehow managed to shoot a music video the next day too!! All we be revealed soon! Much Love 💖 Photo by Nedwin Aarzemnieki // Chin Stroke Records

“Ones to watch The Rising Art Stars of 2019”

Thank you so much to Emily Gosling for including me to the “Ones to watch The Rising Art Stars of 2019” for Elephant Magazine ! What a lovely way to start the year 


“Part noise artist; part living, writhing, screaming sculpture, AJA’s performances are brutally confrontational and dreamily transcendent in equal measure. The Nottingham-based artist, whose self-titled debut was released on Opal Tapes in 2018, weaves beguiling visuals, stunningly strange costumes (co-created with Berlin-based designer Lu La Loop) and unabashed, improvised barrages of sound to create something beautiful and cathartic—both for her and us, her audience. Alongside her performance work AJA also runs sound workshops to help promote more women in electronic music, and often works with young people and within the LGBTQ community.”

RedBull: 7 Amazing Female Audio Visual Artists

Bloody hell! I’ve only just found out that I’m in this article amongst the best female audio visual artists around at the moment – such a bloody honour to be nestled between these beauties alongside LU LA LOOP who designs and makes all my costumes!! 

Thanks so much Kate Campbell and to all the women on here who have helped me grow and been there for me through thick and thin – soooo much talent, check them out!!

LONE Taxidermist
Gazelle Twin
Jenny Hval
The SeeR
Moor Mother


Nottingham Trent University Lecture

Thank you to all the amazing students who came to my costume design and performance technology workshop and all the wonderful staff at NTU Theatre Design and NTU Costume Design lecturers for making this happen! Had some lovely feedback and really interesting conversations with the students, so inspiring! LULALOOP is the queen behind the designs and making of all the costumes 💖 I talked about my collaborations with Annie Tådne Neo Fung, Tex Royle, Gabriella Gasparini and Aurora Gazm 💖

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Sonic Acts Festival

Thank you so much to everyone at Sonic Acts Festival for being so bloody lovely! Also a huge thanks to the suuuper talented Annie Tådne for designing and installing audio reactive phosphorus wire installation and for LU LA LOOP for her ongoing incredible electroluminescent costume creations.

This was a really special performance, the first time I’ve played in Amsterdam here is some footage of the disorientating noisy banshee escapades that took place at Paradiso Amsterdam – filmed and edited byAnnie