Cave AV Spatial Sound Installation

Thanks so much to Annie Tadne for working with me and building her incredible EL wire installation around the space as part of the cave installation! It was a huge success with over 600 people coming to visit! A special thanks to everyone who worked on multiple projects with me over the years which made up all the footage we projected around the cave walls. Visuals from my residency with the amazingly talented IMPATV to all the people who worked on the Vr experience with me Ryan Heath, Joey Holder, Jake Moore and Paul Grossman and to Leila Duffy-Tetzlaff for her insane gloopy colourful video work which I could just live inside 


💖💖 The installation was made up of 3 original spatial sound scores I made from samples recorded around different caves and produced in Ableton and sculptures I made from my sister in crime and the most talented costume designer I’ve ever met LULALOOP. We scanned the costumes using photogrammetry to make a 3D alien environment inside the VR experience and then used this footage to make visuals to project around the space. Watch this space to see more of the VR experience soon!! 💖💖

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