The field recording workshop was a huge success, thank you to everyone who shared the call out – we had a fantastic turn out of talented students! 

This was my first workshop working with young people – and I was pretty nervous! But with the support of Liz I guided the students through sound meditations, inspiring videos and recording sounds around the room before manipulating and transforming them with Ableton plug ins.

I’m so proud of all the girls who took part, some had no experience of music software but they were open minded and hardworking. They thought outside the box, recording with water, coins, zips and in the end every student produced a piece of sound art on Ableton.

A huge thank you to all my students, Liz DobsonUniversity Of HuddersfieldYorkshire Sound Women NetworkArts Council England and MuGI (Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity) for making this happen!

Education & Bass – An Experimental Exploration Into Sound


Hosted by Nomine at Brick Lane, London, this was my first workshop teaching field recording samples and showing different ways of manipulating the sound using Ableton built in plug ins. I experimented as I went and didn’t know the outcome of the sound as I like to be discovering the possibilities along with the audience.  Andrew Course volunteered and we recorded sounds he made organically along with chairs scraping around the room and twisted them up using warping techniques!