“Ones to watch The Rising Art Stars of 2019”

Thank you so much to Emily Gosling for including me to the “Ones to watch The Rising Art Stars of 2019” for Elephant Magazine ! What a lovely way to start the year 


“Part noise artist; part living, writhing, screaming sculpture, AJA’s performances are brutally confrontational and dreamily transcendent in equal measure. The Nottingham-based artist, whose self-titled debut was released on Opal Tapes in 2018, weaves beguiling visuals, stunningly strange costumes (co-created with Berlin-based designer Lu La Loop) and unabashed, improvised barrages of sound to create something beautiful and cathartic—both for her and us, her audience. Alongside her performance work AJA also runs sound workshops to help promote more women in electronic music, and often works with young people and within the LGBTQ community.”

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